Indiana veterinarians honor Max Rodibaugh

Rodibaugh Family

posted on Monday, February 27, 2023 in Swine Health Services News

The Indiana Veterinary Medical Association presented several awards to Purdue alumni at its annual Crossroads Veterinary Conference earlier this month. The award ceremony culminated with the presentation of the IVMA Lifetime Achievement Award, which was awarded posthumously to Dr. Max Rodibaugh, a member of the Purdue DVM Class of 1977. The award recognizes an IVMA member for cumulative service and accomplishments benefiting the veterinary medical profession, organized veterinary medicine, and the community.

Rodibaugh's widow, Mrs. Carol Rodibaugh, and many family members were present for the award ceremony.

Rodibaugh began one of the nation's first swine-only veterinary practices in 1980 in Frankfort, Indiana. His professionalism, veterinary ethics, and commitment to prioritizing the best interests of his clients, fostered his reputation as an expert in the field of swine medicine and trusted advisor to peers and pork producers everywhere. He was a sought-after speaker, mentor and leader in numerous industry organizations.

His dedication to the profession he loved resulted in his receiving many industry awards, culminating most recently with the presentation of the American Association of Swine Veterinarians Heritage Award, a peer-nominated award for lifelong outstanding achievements in swine medicine. He is only the sixth recipient of the award in the history of the organization.

Rodibaugh passed away in May 2022.

(National Hog Farmer, 2023)

Photo courtesy of Purdue University 


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