Developing Employees

The goal of our training programs is to help prepare our employees for work situations they encounter on-farm and also to allow them to grow as individuals and as employees. Our detailed orientation program helps new employees gain an overview of how our farms operate and learn how they can best fit into their new role.

manager meeting

Our ongoing training programs push our existing employees to better themselves and their work performance. Whether they have been employed for a week or a year, we continually challenge our employees to improve. Practical idea sharing and suggestions for improvement are encouraged from all employees at all levels, and a strong focus is placed on education and improvement system-wide.

Some of the tools that help keep our employees motivated include:

  • Computer-assisted training and employee orientation program
  • Hands-on training on-site
  • Detailed department-specific training to outline clear expectations
  • Presentations by industry experts, held on a regular basis for all interested employees, to learn about the latest trends and technologies in pork production
  • All-farm roundtables to allow peer interaction across all managed farms, to discuss production techniques and on-farm implementation strategies
  • Yearly manager meeting with an emphasis on education and problem-solving
  • Safety meetings to keep all employees up-to-date on the latest safe-work procedures
  • A career development program designed for employees interested in gaining skills that will help them move up within the company
  • At AMVC we believe strongly in promoting from within the company and our vast array of training opportunities allows us to have a pool of highly-trained employees ready to advance as opportunities arise.
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