Manure Management, Planning and Coordination

manure management

From permitting a new farm to updating an existing nutrient management plans, we work with our customers every step of the way to make sure facilities meet or exceed all environmental and agronomic standards.

We offer all our clients:

To ensure compliance with all state and local regulations, we offer a full-service environmental management department, including assistance with the following tasks:

  • Working with government agencies
  • Filling out and filing paperwork
  • Creating and maintaining MMP and CNMP plans
  • Calculating RUSLE2 and Phosphorous Index values
  • Coordinating application schedules
  • Sampling for nutrient analyses
  • Siting of new facilities
  • Assembling new construction and expansion packages
  • Calculating master matrix points
  • Assisting with DNR site inspections
  • Delivering sound agronomic and environmental advice
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