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AMVC's vision is to be an industry leader in livestock production by providing management, veterinary, nutritional, marketing, and employee expertise that supports animal welfare, environmental stewardship, quality and traceability of meat products, and the sustainability of livestock production.

AMVC, LLC, began as the Audubon Veterinary Clinic, a four-veterinarian, mixed animal practice in west-central Iowa. The practice expanded in 1990 with the purchase of a veterinary clinic in Manning, Iowa, and the business name changed to Audubon Manning Veterinary Clinic. In the early 1990s, the number of predominately cow/calf and feedlot cattle farmers began to decrease in number. The owner veterinarians at the time had the foresight to recognize a need for swine management and the swine industry began its consolidation.  In 1993, AMVC Management Services began managing its first finishing site, a two-barn, 2,000-pig finishing operation. Over time the number of sows and finishing spaces under management has continued to increase. Today, the business is named AMVC.

AMVC is the 8th largest pork producer in the U.S. 

AMVC employs over 950 people and has 26 veterinarians on staff. AMVC has a swine management presence across 11 states and manages 168,000 sows across 45 farms that range in size from 1,200 to 10,000 sows. AMVC provides veterinary support, nutritional counseling, results management, employee solutions, and marketing options to all managed farms. These divisions work seamlessly to provide customers with a unique, comprehensive, and efficient solution to meet all their livestock production needs.

AMVC presence map

The states in blue are where we are currently managing sow farms and the gray states are where we are consulting.

Why be a part of the AMVC team?

At AMVC, we are solution-driven problem solvers that are passionate about agriculture and feeding a growing population.  Our family culture and community centricity enable us to add value to all our customers and clients through fair and honest business dealings.  Our dedication, professionalism, and expertise allow for continual improvement by doing the right thing for our animals, customers, and colleagues every day.


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