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AMVC Veterinary Services is a full-service small and large animal practice with the resources to meet all of our clients' needs.

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Audubon Clinic
1797 190th St.
Audubon, IA 50025
8:00 am - 5:00 pm M-F
Manning Clinic
400 W. Street, 
Manning, IA 51455
Templeton Clinic
401 Rye Ave
Templeton, IA 51436

As a full-service small and large animal practice, AMVC Veterinary Services provides complete veterinary support and expertise to all of our clients, no matter what their needs.  Our team of veterinarians and staff continuously implement new technologies and practices to constantly improve animal health and well-being.  The newly constructed Audubon clinic facility is equipped with the latest advancements in diagnostic equipment, including digital radiography, gas anesthesia and a full suite of hematology analyzers.  As part of our veterinary practice, our managed farms and clients have access to competitively priced animal health supplies and medications. Our team of veterinarians have extensive knowledge and clinical experience in managing production animal health and companion animal needs.  AMVC veterinarians are leaders in the industry, with two national and one state veterinary association presidents on staff.  Our doctors also serve on professional boards of directors, veterinary industry committees, and several pharmaceutical and educational advisory boards.
  • Small Animal Small Animal AMVC is committed to providing the best care for all companion animals. Our caring and knowledgeable staff makes every effort to promote responsible pet ownership, provide excellent health care, and make your visits to the veterinarian an enjoyable experience!
  • Large Animal Large Animal AMVC large animal veterinarians have extensive experience in managing equine and production animal health issues. Services include bovine embryo transfer, bovine and equine reproductive ultrasound, and production animal herd health management.
  • Embryo Services Embryo Services Dr. Travis Hargens is a certified practitioner through the American Embryo Transfer Association. AMVC has the expertise, equipment and facility to serve your cattle reproductive services needs.
  • Our Veterinarians Our Veterinarians AMVC has seven veterinarians on staff at the clinics, each with a unique area of focus. With our over 80 years collectively of clinical practice and our teamwork approach gives clients access to a wealth of veterinary knowledge and experience.
  • Our Clinics Our Clinics We are proud to provide our clients with high quality veterinary services and expertise. We are a mixed animal practice and recently built a new clinic in Audubon.
  • Vet Services News & Events Vet Services News & Events Stay up to date with all the news happenings at AMVC.
  • Pet of the Month Club Pet of the Month Club AMVC loves their clients, even the furry ones! Jack's Pet of the Month is updated every month with a new friend that visits the clinic.
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