Management Services

At AMVC Management Services we offer our customers a progressive, systems approach to quality pork production. Our team of pork production specialists will help site, build, stock, staff, manage and monitor your production facility.
Management Services
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  • Sow Farm Production Sow Farm Production AMVC currently manages 150,500 working sows, with farms across ten different states.
  • Grow-Finish Production Grow-Finish Production Currently managing 1,600,000 head of hogs per year for our owners and producers across three different states.
  • Herd Health Herd Health AMVC's team of veterinarians works closely with our production team to ensure every effort is made to keep our managed farms healthy at all times. Regular on-site veterinary visits help to assess farm health status before problems arise.
  • Manure Management, Planning and Coordination Manure Management, Planning and Coordination From permitting a new farm to updating an existing nutrient management plans, we work with our customers every step of the way to make sure facilities meet or exceed all environmental and agronomic standards.
  • Data Processing Data Processing To maintain up-to-date production records, our Data Processing team enters farm information as soon as it is received and ensures any corrections or errors are fixed as soon as possible.
  • Facilities Maintenance Facilities Maintenance Our maintenance team has the experience to deal with any issue - whether it be a startup, building remodel, or routine maintenance - providing high quality production facilities.
  • Accounting Accounting Our vision is to be partners with our clients; to give them the support and tools they need to achieve long-term sustainability in agriculture.
  • Human Resources Human Resources Our dedicated HR team works to provide every farm with a full staff of high-quality, well-trained employees and to maintain legal compliance with all employment regulations.
  • Information Technology Information Technology Information technology support is available to all of our managed farms, enabling timely data collection and transfer, information security, reliable communications and centralized data storage and backup.
  • Genetic Sourcing Genetic Sourcing Our genetics dissemination program works closely with our sow production team to provide our customers with a consistent source of high-health, genetically superior breeding stock.
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