Scranton Volunteer Fire Department Receives Ham Donation

scranton fire department donation

posted on Thursday, December 28, 2017 in North Region News

Christmas is the season of giving. This holiday season pig farmers across the nation are doing just that by participating in the Hams Across America campaign by donating pork products to community organizations and individuals as a way of paying it forward.

AMVC employees who work at NorDak, a 4,400 head sow farm in Scranton, chose to donate three hams to the Scranton Volunteer Fire Department as a way to say thank you to the department for continually stepping up and serving the community.

Gene Loder, AMVC sow farm manager, appreciates the efforts of the department and thought this holiday season they needed to be recognized, “Our community wouldn’t be as strong as it is without the Scranton Fire Department. I’m thankful knowing these dedicated volunteer firefighters are trained and ready to take action when the need arises. They have helped us out before, and as a pig farmer I couldn’t think of a better way to say thank you.”

The Scranton Volunteer Fire Department was appreciative of the donation and will put the hams to good use to feed the 17 member crew during their upcoming monthly meetings.

“We are very gracious for the ham donation. It’s great to have community support and know local businesses appreciate our service,” said Ryan Evans, Scranton Fire Chief.

The local pig farmers are proud of the pork they produce and enjoy supporting the community.

AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company based out of Audubon, Iowa, manages the local sow farm, NorDak, and employs 16 people in the community. AMVC has a management presence in seven states and oversees 117,500 sows.


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