AMVC participates in Pass the Pork

AMVC donates pork to Iowa Pass the Pork

posted on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services partnered with Iowa Pork and the Iowa Department of Agriculture and participated in Pass the Pork by donating ten market hogs.

Through “Pass the Pork,” Iowa pig farmers are donating pigs to Iowa food bank feeding programs. Local meat processors have extended their hours of operation to process and package the pork donations to help meet the growing demand for food bank and food pantry resources. Iowa food banks are getting the pork into the hands of those in need.

AMVC Grow-Finish Production Manager, Darran Miller, delivered the hogs to Weaver Meats in Afton, Iowa.

The costs associated with the processing, storage, and delivery of the pork to food banks and pantries are being covered by Iowans that have contributed to the Iowa Food Bank Association to help cover these costs and future purchases of Iowa-produced meat for food bank programs.


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