Mt Ayr Bacon event continues to be successful

Mount Ayr AMVC bacon event

posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019 in Central Region News

For the fifth year, the tradition continued for the last Mount Ayr Raiders football game, where free bacon was served. The fun event is sponsored by Aries Sow, a local sow farm owned by AMVC, and Iowa Pork Producers Association. The bacon night occurs in October on purpose, as October being National Pork Month.

In the past when hogs were raised outdoors, and October was the time hogs were traditionally marketed. Today, the month of October is an opportunity for those involved in the swine industry to connect with those who do not have a background in pig farming.

The partnership between AMVC and Iowa Pork, created quite the buzz about pork. The Aries Sow team volunteered to serve the free bacon and interact with game attendees. They also passed out Iowa Pork. Eat Pork. wristbands.

Pig farmers take pride in the pork they raise and enjoy interacting with their consumers. AMVC is especially proud to be a resource for the community and would like to thank everyone that supports the swine industry. AMVC, headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, owns and manages Aries Sow located in Mount Ayr.



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