Gibson Memorial Library receives donation from AMVC and Taurus Sow

AMVC donates to library in Creston

posted on Friday, April 12, 2019 in Central Region News

Library receives non-fiction pig books and donation

The second full week in April is National Library Week; a time to recognize the impact libraries have in the community and celebrate the people who make the libraries successful.

To celebrate the week, AMVC Management Services asked their employees to nominate their local library and share why their library is the best. Libraries receiving nominations were given pig related books and a donation to enhance the library, as libraries are often faced with a limited budget.

In this area, the Gibson Memorial Library was among the libraries nominated from across the AMVC system. Gibson Memorial Library Director, David Hargrove, was very gracious for the library to be chosen to receive this special donation.

Amanda Winslow, AMVC sow farm manager at Taurus Sow near Creston, nominated their local library as her employees and their children enjoy the resources the Gibson Memorial Library provides. AMVC employees are proud to help give back to the community where they live and work.

As the school year is getting closer to summer break, Avalee Winslow, daughter of Amanda Winslow, said she is looking forward to spending more time at the library. She enjoys checking out kids’ books to read at home and is excited to view the new pig stories the library received with this donation.

With the addition of five new children’s non-fiction pig related books to the libraries’ shelves, more children will have access to books about modern agriculture. The new stories share a glimpse into the swine industry with content detailing a visit to a pig farm, how pig farmers care of their pigs and the role of veterinarians. In addition, AMVC made a cash donation to the library.

“The pig books will help our youth become more agriculture literate, as well as, provide access to additional farm animal resources to the local library. We are really proud to give to causes our employees cherish and we know the library will continue to do great things with the donation,” added AMVC public relations coordinator, Alicia Humphrey.

AMVC strives to help keep the community prospering by recognizing and investing in activities community members enjoy. Libraries are what keep our communities strong; giving families a place to bring their children to learn and spend time reading.

AMVC also made similar donations in Iowa to the Audubon Public Library and Exira Public Library. The children’s books were provided by the Iowa Pork Producers Association and the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation.

AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company headquartered in Audubon, IA, has a swine management presence in ten states. AMVC owns and manages Taurus Sow, a sow farm located near Creston, and employs 14 people in the area.


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