Espinosa Joins 2022 Iowa Pork Leadership Academy Class

2022 Iowa Pork Leadership Academy

posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 in Central Region News

Iowa Pork Producers Association created the Iowa Pork Leadership Academy to foster the growth and development of leaders in Iowa’s pork industry. Each year the organization selects individuals who work in the industry and are committed to bettering the pork industry and their personal leadership skills.

AMVC bilingual recruiter Yury Espinosa was recently selected to participate in the 2022 class. She joins ten other participants from around the state in the year-long leadership course.

“Being a part of the IPLA class of 2022 is a great honor for me. When I applied for the program, I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about Iowa swine production and its influences.” Said Espinosa. “Now, as a participant of the program, I realize it goes far beyond production systems and covers personal development, teamwork, media relations, industry policy, and consumer expectations.”

“During the first two sessions, in addition to working on our strengths and developing strategies for personal improvement, we also had the opportunity to visit the National Pork Board and the capitol in Des Moines. These visits gave us a broader vision of how policy works and influences the daily lives of producers and consumers, and how it generates a positive impact at a social, economic, and environmental level.” Said Espinosa.

The group will meet five times throughout the year, including travel to North and South Carolina and Washington, D.C., and wraps up at the 2023 Iowa Pork Congress in January.

Learn more about the Iowa Pork Leadership Academy here

Pictured above: The 2022 Iowa Pork leadership Academy visited the Iowa Capitol during their second session focused on legislature and policy training.


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