AMVC Leadership Development Employees Volunteer

AMVC at Meals From the Heartland

posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 in Central Region News

A group of twelve employees from AMVC volunteered at Meals from the Heartland in Des Moines last week. The employees that participated are part of the swine production leadership development program at AMVC, where they are strengthening their skills to be successful in a management type role. Bimonthly, this group comes together for two days in Iowa for training and to embrace the values AMVC upholds.

It was rewarding experience for Melanie Palmer, an AMVC leadership development program (LDP) employee and swine specialist at Audubon Gene Transfer in Brayton, “It was a great experience volunteering and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would recommend the volunteer opportunity to others as well.”

Meals for the Heartland takes bulk food items and with the help of volunteers, turn those ingredients into packaged meals. AMVC employees know that solving world hunger is an ongoing problem that cannot be solved in a single day or by a single task.

According to Palmer, “As a pork producer, feeding the world is what we do. Being able to go the extra step and making meals just makes me feel good inside knowing that I am helping feed the world in more ways than just my everyday job.”

year, Meals for the Heartland packaged 23,112,864 meals and were distributed across thirteen countries and central Iowa food banks.


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