AMVC continues to financially support ACED Housing Fund

AMVC donates to housing fund with Audubon State Bank and Landmands Bank

posted on Wednesday, July 21, 2021 in Central Region News

This week, AMVC renewed their financial contribution to the Audubon County Economic Development Housing Fund. Since 2012, AMVC has donated $10,000 each year alongside fellow Audubon community supporters, Landmands Bank and Audubon State Bank. Together the three businesses have been key contributors to the Audubon County Economic Development housing project by donating $270,000 over the course of nine years.

The ACED housing fund is for the demolition and improvement of properties in Audubon County.

Through ACED and with the generosity of AMVC, Audubon State Bank and Landmands Bank, the community of Audubon has been able to carry out several housing projects which will help Audubon grow and attract new businesses and residents. To date, ACED has built two duplexes and one triplex. The fund is used for development projects and clearing blighted property to make way for future development.

These projects can only be continued if individuals or businesses are willing to donate to continue the improvements.


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