Students intern with AMVC to learn about pigs

intern 2018

posted on Friday, June 29, 2018 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services recently welcomed their class of 2018 summer interns to the company. The students are participating in either an advanced track internship or Swine Time, a comprehensive work experience on a sow farm. Each internship program runs throughout the summer, so the students have an opportunity to gain a hands-on experience and expand their knowledge of modern pig farming.

The college students in these programs have an interest in livestock production. Jacob Loehr, a Swine Time 101 intern from Springville, Iowa, is interning at a sow farm in Brayton, to enhance his knowledge for a future career in veterinary medicine.

“This internship has been an eye-opening experience to learn about how a sow farm works. I have learned how to breed sows, move animals and many more wonderful experiences,” commented Loehr, a senior at Iowa State University.

Throughout their internships, the students will learn how to do different tasks involved in raising pigs and interact with AMVC staff and veterinarians.

“The students have only been in their internship role for a few weeks, but they have already established themselves as fundamental members of the AMVC team. I’m anxious to watch the summer unfold and to see them excel and their passion continue to grow,” said Jennifer Looker, AMVC recruiter.

AMVC is hosting twelve summer interns across their swine production system. The internship program will wrap up in the beginning of August.


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