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posted on Monday, April 30, 2018 in AMVC Employee Blog

As a pig farmer, environmental sustainability means that I am doing my part to protect the environment for not only today, but for future generations. I believe the practices we use on my sow farm are the best ones for our environment.

We use a variety of different technologies on the farm to be stewards of the land. One such practice is the use of windbreaks. Windbreaks reduce wind speed and create sheltered zones for growing crops and raising livestock. The windbreaks on my farm are a group of trees that were strategically planted around the barns. Not only are the windbreaks good for the environment, they also help with odor control.

Our farm stores its manure in a deep pit below our barn. It takes about a year for our pit to get full of manure, and when it does, we use the manure as a natural organic fertilizer for the fields that surround our farm. Those fields grow corn and soybeans that are used to feed livestock. It’s a continuous cycle that’s good for the environment.

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