Vet clinic is an extension of the classroom

Dr. Greving Manning AMVC vet clinic

posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 in Vet Services News and Events

Earlier this week, the IKM-Manning High School students in the Introduction to Veterinarian Science course were invited to AMVC Veterinary Services in Manning to get a hands-on experience pregnancy checking cows to complement their coursework. Dr. John Greving, D.V.M. provided an overview on the importance of pregnancy checking and gave a detailed demonstration for the students. Kenny Grimm, AMVC veterinary technician, brought in some his cattle for the students’ class period. With Dr. Greving’s instruction on the proper techniques, the students learned how to evaluate a cow’s pregnancy using an ultrasound and palpation. Dr. Greving and Kenny made a great team teaching the students. The clinic and this class have partnered throughout the semester as they have covered different veterinary topics and practices.


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