Iowa Secretary of Ag stops at AMVC

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posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 in Vet Services News and Events

On Thursday, October 4, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Naig, and Representative Brian Best made a visit to AMVC’s veterinary clinic in Audubon as part of Naig's 99 county tour across the state.


Dr. Jason Hocker, AMVC partner and veterinarian, presented an overview of AMVC, discussing the company’s geographic reach, employee composition and history. Dr. Hocker also led discussion on issues effecting the business including; trade, foreign threats to animal health and to the importance of attracting and retaining a reliable labor force.


Following the presentation, AMVC partner and veterinarian Dr. Jodie Pettit led Naig and Best on a tour of the clinic, highlighting key features of the facility and providing introductions of veterinarians and clinic staff.


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