AMVC to host open house Sept. 12 - New veterinary clinic to open Sept. 15

posted on Friday, September 5, 2014 in Vet Services News and Events


AMVC will host an open house to show the community their new veterinary clinic on Friday September 12th from 11 am to 3 pm.

A project several years in the making, the new 75' by 222' clinic is a state of the art facility offering its clients and their animals the utmost in care, carried out iwth the latest technology.

According to AMVC Maintenance Director, Scott Alt, the idea for the new clinic had been kicked around for sometime.  "We had been talking about a new clinic for a few years," he said.  "Our number one priority was highway frontage and accessibility."

With that priority in mind, the new facility remained a “dream” until opportunity landed, quite literally on their doorstep.  In August of 2012, Juergens Feed and Produce announced they would be closing their feed mill and store, located across the road from the clinic.  AMVC purchased the land and plans for the new facility started to take shape.

The first phase of the project was demolition, as the Audubon Fire Department lent a hand, burning the Juergens building town, as a controlled training burn.  The old foundations were then removed and dirt work began.  Once the ground was ready and the footings were poured, the Morton Building was erected and the new clinic started to take shape.

Throughout the entire process, AMVC’s goal was to work with local contractors and local vendors.  “We started off by purchasing what we could locally,” Alt said.  “When those avenues were exhausted, we purchased within a 30 mile radius.  When we couldn’t get what we need there, we went statewide.  In this entire building there are only six things that were purchased out of state, and they are primarily specialty items.  For example, much of the equipment for the equine room came from Kentucky, for obvious reasons.”  Alt said his maintenance crew of Brad Knueven, Dave Stoberl and Kent Baier did the brunt of the work on the new facility.

While the opportunity for the new clinic presented itself with the closing of Juergens, the growth of AMVC was the main reason for the construction of the new facility, as they had simply outgrown the 1970’s era clinic.  In the past 41 years AMVC has seen tremendous growth and diversification.  In 1973 the Audubon Veterinary Clinic employed three mixed animal veterinarians, serving the needs of Audubon County.  By 1982, the clinic had four mixed animal veterinarians, one large animal tech, one small animal tech, one receptionist and one bookkeeper, employing a total of eight people.

In 1990, the clinic expanded into the Manning area and AMVC was created.  Five mixed animal veterinarians were on staff.  Nutritional services were added in 1992 and in the mid 1990’s, AMVC diversified, creating the management division, which specializes in swine production management.  Management services began in 1993 and a wholly separate management division was created in 1998.  Currently the AMVC system employs 14 veterinarians, one PhD agronomist, two CPA’s, 53 support staff members for the clinic and swine production system and 415 animal caretakers, for a total of 485 employees.

For the full story see the September 5th edition of the Audubon County Advocate Journal.  Content author is Jill Christensen.