AMVC grills out to thank clients

AMVC Manning Vet Clinic

posted on Friday, August 27, 2021 in Vet Services News and Events

AMVC Veterinary Services recently hosted free grill-outs at its three clinics — in Manning, Templeton, and Audubon — to thank the community members who use AMVC’s services.

The three lunchtime events were held last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This is the first time AMVC has hosted appreciation events at each of its clinic locations.

“AMVC veterinarians and staff enjoyed visiting with the clients and community members who stopped at the clinic,” said Sophie Hansen, public relations specialist with AMVC Management Services. “It was a beautiful, sunny day filled with great food and fellowship.”

AMVC sent out invites to clients who use both its small-animal and large-animal services to invite them to the lunches, which also were open to any community members.

“It was just about saying thank you to our clients and our customers and the people of the community,” Hansen said. “We are really appreciative that we get to work with some really great people and get to help them out, so we wanted to have a little event and offer a meal and say thank you.”

Veterinarians were at each of the events to chat with attendees, and vet techs and public relations employees served meals.

Carroll County Cattlemen volunteers grilled at the Manning and Templeton lunches.

“AMVC and the Carroll County Cattlemen have a great relationship, and these events were the perfect opportunity to partner together,” said Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations director.

The Audubon County Cattlemen also volunteered to grill at the Audubon event.

Credit to: Rebecca McKinsey, Carroll Times Herald

Manning Grill Out

Templeton Grill OutAudubon Grill Out

AMVC clients and community members enjoy a meal at the Manning, Templeton, and Audubon AMVC clinics. 


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