Scranton students learn about pig farming

scranton high school

posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2018 in North Region News

Students at Scranton High School learned about pig farming from a representative from AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company that manages the sow farm in Scranton. Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator and a trained Operation Main Street presenter with the National Pork Board, educated agricultural students in Mrs. Misty Steeke’s classroom about the swine industry and job opportunities within the field.

Steeke knows the importance of having guest speakers and welcomed Humphrey to present to enhance her curriculum and give her students an opportunity to learn about the swine industry. The students in Steeke’s animal science dual credit class have been learning about how different agriculture industries play a role in the United States.

“I try to get as much outside involvement as I can to come into my classroom. I can't get time away from school to take students on industry tours, so this is the next best thing,” commented Steeke.

The interactive presentation included information about the global demand for food, pig care, animal health and nutrition, as well as, the various careers available in the swine industry. Humphrey fielded questions from the students throughout the presentation. Her goal was to give the students a snapshot of the advancements of today’s pork industry, as well as, share the truths of modern pig farming.

After the presentation, the students reflected on what they learned during the class period. Molly Holt, a senior at Scranton High School, commented she gained a better grasp on how large the swine industry is and learned pigs have become leaner over the past 50 years.

Humphrey enjoys telling the story of pig farming and educating the next generation. “It was a rewarding afternoon, as the students participated throughout the presentation and asked questions. It is great to see local students interested in the swine industry,” added Humphrey.

NorDak, the local sow farm, is located 14 miles from the high school. AMVC is proud to be an employer in the community and be an educational resource for local students. Headquartered in west central Iowa, AMVC Management Services manages 117,500 sows across seven states and employs over 550 people.


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