North Dakota Sow Center donates ham for ND Barley Show

posted on Monday, March 23, 2015 in North Region News

The North Dakota Barley Show brings producers and exhibitors from local counties to Osnabrock, North Dakota.  As a part of the local community, North Dakota Sow Center is proud to support agriculture, and donated money to help cover the cost of the ham served at the free dinner at the closing of the show.

Paul Ivesdahl, shareholder and board member for North Dakota Sow Center, believes in giving back and supporting the local community. “It is good to support local agriculture groups. This is also a way for us to promote a pork product,” said Ivesdahl.

This event is one that residents of Osnabrock look forward to. “It takes a community to plan the show,” said Charles Ottem, the secretary and treasurer of the North Dakota State Barley Show.

Ottem helps organize this annual event, and has been involved with it during his adult life. “It gives me great satisfaction to be involved in something like this, and it helps keep our small town alive,” Ottem said.

North Dakota Sow Center owns Viking Sow Center, a 4,800 head sow farm about 20 miles southwest of Osnabrock. The farm is managed by AMVC Management Services.


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