Local farm donates pork to Bowman/Slope Community Cupboard

Bowman pork donation

posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 in North Region News

Linda Jorgens and Samantha Unhjem, employees at NorDak, LLP, delivered 176 pounds of ground pork to Kristy Pagel, Bowman/Slope Community Cupboard board member and volunteer clerk.

October is National Pork Month and NorDak, LLP and AMVC Management Services celebrated the occasion by donating pork to the Bowman/Slope Community Cupboard. With the recent increase in families utilizing the pantry the meat freezer was completely empty.

“We had actually unplugged and defrosted the freezer as our meat was completely gone and we had no funds to purchase more,” said Tammy Hofland, president of Bowman’s Community Cupboard. 

NorDak and AMVC donated 176 pounds of ground pork, which filled the freezer again.

“As a company heavily involved in the swine industry, this is a great way to give back to the community and contribute our part in providing a healthy and safe food option,” said Gene Loder, barn manager at NorDak, LLP.

“Whenever things get desperate at our pantry our generous community always steps up and somehow we continue to help those in need. When we got a call from AMVC, it was truly the handiwork of a higher power and couldn’t have come at a more needed time,” explained Hofland.

NorDak is a 4,400 head multiplier sow farm located near Scranton that employs 18 people. AMVC manages the farm and has a management presence in eight different states and is headquartered in Audubon, Iowa.