Benefit for Cyklali Garcia

posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 in North Region News

Caring for Our Own

On December 7th, 2013, the life of an AMVC family member quickly changed. Cynthia Garcia’s 12 year old daughter experienced a stroke to top off the challenging health difficulties this young girl has had to endure. Afterwards, Cynthia and her daughter, Cyklali, went directly to Minnesota to receive necessary medical care and have remained there since early December as Cyklali is now awaiting a kidney transplant.

As one can imagine, this has created not only emotional stress but financial stress and worries. The caring shareholders of North Dakota Sow Center agreed to make sure there was no interruption to Cynthia’s health care and also agreed to cover 3 weeks of her earnings. Once this time was exhausted, the other members of the AMVC family stepped up to donate their vacation time to Cynthia. Within 24 hours of the communication regarding Cynthia’s situation being sent out to others throughout the company, AMVC employees donated enough vacation time to cover 6 months of wages!

In addition, a benefit and raffle has been organized for February 9th, 2014, by the Newburg School in Newburg, ND where Cyklali attends classes. North Dakota Sow Center has donated a hog along with processing fees to be raffled off. Others within the AMVC family have donated items such as a quilt and canvas painting to be raffled off along with a cash donation totaling $1,525. Many who have donated vacation, raffle items and cash have never met Cyklali nor have many met Cynthia. At AMVC, that isn’t necessary. One of our own has experienced a life changing event. AMVC employees step up and make sure their fellow AMVC family members know they are cared for, thought of and never alone.

If you would like to donate, please contact Janice at Newburg Schools (701-272-6151). Cash donations will continue to be accepted after the raffle date of February 9th, 2014.

Cynthia is employed by AMVC and works at a 5,000 sow birth to wean swine farm in North Dakota.  North Dakota Sow Center is a 10,000 sow birth to wean swine farming operation with two locations in North Dakota and is managed by AMVC Management Services based in Audubon, IA.  North Dakota Sow Center weans greater than 240,000 piglets annually that are raised to market weight in northwest Iowa, ultimately providing more than 40 million pounds of pork each year.