Students celebrate National Pork Month with AMVC

posted on Thursday, October 13, 2016 in East Region News

October is National Pork Month and the perfect time to celebrate the swine industry.  Alicia Humphrey, public relations coordinator for AMVC, a swine management company, spoke to over 70 students in four agriculture classes at North Montgomery High School about modern pig farming. AMVC owns and manages AMVC Crawfordsville, LLC, a sow farm located about 10 miles from the school in Crawfordsville.

“I walked into class that day knowing nothing about pigs and when I left class, I knew so much more about pigs than I thought I ever would,” said Madison Wells, a freshman at North Montgomery High School.

Humphrey is a trained Operation Main Street speaker with the National Pork Board and spoke to the students about animal care, housing, nutrition and careers.

“It brings a lot of real world experiences to life in the classroom. It opens up so many doors for the students to think about careers and options that they could have in life,” commented Nancy Bell, agriculture instructor at North Montgomery High School.

Each student was tasked with asking two questions to Humphrey during their class period.

Elizabeth Caldwell, a junior at North Montgomery, commented that after AMVC’s presentation she learned that AMVC’s pigs are well taken care of and their biosecurity is top notch.

 “It was a rewarding afternoon, as the students asked great questions. It is great to see young students excited about the swine industry,” said Humphrey.
Bell added that each of her students were able to take away something from the presentation and could relate it to how agriculture impacts them on a daily basis. The students gained a different perspective of how their generation will be able to contribute to the goal of supplying food to a growing population.

AMVC enjoyed giving back to the community and being a resource for local students.

AMVC Management Services is headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, and manages 115,000 sows across seven states.