Potts Reaches Career Milestone with AMVC

posted on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 in East Region News

Colfax, IN – ColfaGarry Pottsx resident Garry Potts recently reached his tenth work anniversary with AMVC Management Services and was recognized with a plaque and gift. Potts is employed at AMVC Colfax, a 5,000 head sow farm near Colfax.

Potts started his AMVC career at a finishing barn site, where pigs are raised from three weeks of age to market weight. The finishing farm was later converted into a sow farm, where Potts is now the farm’s assistant manager. He has become a great leader and is very knowledgeable in swine production, from working in the breeding and farrowing departments to helping with farm maintenance and office paperwork.

Though his day often includes various tasks, Potts has always enjoyed working with the pigs the most. Over the years, he has also enjoyed sharing the knowledge he has learned with new animal caretakers at the farm.

Potts understands the impact his job has on others, saying, “Some days are long. Some days are short. But every day, you know you have done your best to help feed the world.”

AMVC is proud to employ talented and dedicated employees, like Potts, committed to professionally raising pigs. AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company, employs ten people locally and has a swine management presence in ten states.

Pictured: Garry Potts, AMVC employee, receives his 10-year anniversary plaque.


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