NMHS students celebrate Pork Month with AMVC

AMVC presents to Crawfordsville students

posted on Friday, October 25, 2019 in East Region News

Agriculture students at North Montgomery High School (NMHS) recently had a guest speaker from AMVC Management Services, a local employer in the area, to complement their coursework. It was the ideal time for a swine management company to come into the classroom, as October is National Pork Month.

In the past, October was the time hogs were traditionally marketed, while today it is an opportunity for those involved in the swine industry to connect with those who do not have a background in pig farming. Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator, is a trained Operation Main Street presenter with the National Pork Board and educated students about the modern swine industry.

The interactive presentation focused on the global demand for pork and how pig farmers are raising healthy pigs’ sustainably, as well as, showcased careers that are supported by the swine industry.

NMHS student, Drew Runyon, commented, “I learned a lot about how pig farmers are working to always improve. I think the changes in pork production over the years is impressive.”

Mrs. Nancy Bell, agriculture instructor at North Montgomery High School, was excited to welcome AMVC back into her classroom to enhance the students’ course. “It is nice to bring awareness to my classes about the industry and to inform the students about pork and all its benefits,” said Bell.

Throughout the class period the students interacted by asking and answering questions throughout Humphrey’s presentation.

“I learned that sow farms use a lot more advanced technology than what I thought they did. I also saw that there are a lot more job opportunities you can do in the swine industry,” said student, Olivia Jackson.

Bell’s goal of inviting AMVC into the classroom is to help her students gain awareness of the jobs in Montgomery County, which will help them in the future. Humphrey was thrilled to see so many students interested in production agriculture, as AMVC is a local employer.

AMVC has a swine management presence in ten states. AMVC employs 35 people in the community at their sow farm, AMVC Crawfordsville.


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