Ivy Tech Lafayette learned about swine industry

Ivy tech

posted on Monday, October 9, 2017 in East Region News

Ivy Tech Community College students in Lafayette, Indiana, learned about the commercial swine industry to compliment their Intro to Ag and Animal Science courses.

Some of the students had a show pig background, but many commented they learned a lot during the presentation from AMVC representative, Alicia Humphrey.

Here are some of their comments:

"In listening to your presentation, I learned that there is more going inside of pig farms than I thought. The care and concern for the animals is evident in the various practices taken every day at the operation. It is good to know that the industry is responsible for creating pork products is taking those tasks seriously." -Stacey

"Not coming from a swine background and hearing today's presentation really opens up ideas for me. I am very open minded to enter the swine industry after graduation." - Madelyn

"They have great internship programs and really care about students of the future."