Espinosa celebrates ten years with AMVC

Juan Espinoza

posted on Thursday, January 25, 2018 in East Region News

AMVC recently recognized employees who achieved a career milestone with the company. Among the recipients was Juan Espinoza of Crawfordsville, who celebrated ten years with AMVC. Espinoza manages Infinity Pork, a breed to wean sow farm in Clark Hills, where he oversees the daily care of all animals, on-farm tasks and overall production.

“I enjoy working with my employees and pigs. I’ve been working with pigs my whole life, so it just comes natural,” commented Espinoza who has been with AMVC for a decade.

AMVC is proud to have talented and passionate employees who take pride in their work and are committed to being a solution driven problem solvers in the industry.

“Juan is a great asset to our team. He does a great job raising pigs and connecting with his employees. We congratulate him on this honor and are very proud of his hard work and dedication,” commented Dr. Jason Hocker, D.V.M., AMVC partner and Director of Sow Production.

Espinoza and his wife, Joni, reside in Crawfordsville with their five daughters.

AMVC, based out of Audubon, Iowa, employs over 550 employees and manages 117,500 sows across seven states.


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