Clinton- Prairie students learn about pig farming

AMVC with Indiana students

posted on Thursday, April 25, 2019 in East Region News

AMVC visits Clinton-Prairie High School

Frankfort, Indiana—AMVC, a diversified swine management company, recently visited students at Clinton-Prairie High School to share the story of pig farming. As a guest speaker, Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator and trained Operation Main Street presenter with the National Pork Board, educated the advanced animal science students in Ms. Amber Bedwell’s class last week. The presentation’s focus was on modern pig farming and how producers are sustainably meeting the global demand for food. The students learned about swine reproduction and the tasks associated with breeding sows and caring for piglets, as they are beginning their animal reproduction unit for their coursework. In addition, Humphrey covered swine topics ranging from animal housing and care to health and nutrition.

Throughout the class period the students interacted with the presentation by watching video clips and answering questions. At the end of the class, students asked questions and submitted three key learnings from the presentation.

Justin Elliott, sophomore, commented, “I learned how the pigs are handled from conception to when they are sent to market. I also learned about the evolution of pig farms from 1960 to today and how the efficiency of the farms has improved.”

Humphrey was excited to speak with such bright students in the community and shed light on the advancements in technology within the swine field.

“We’re passionate about educating the next generation of agriculturalists by giving them a glimpse of modern pork production. It was a great opportunity to showcase our local farm to these students, as the concepts we discussed were related back to what is happening on the sow farm in their area.,” added Humphrey.

AMVC enjoys being a resource for local students by providing them industry content that relates to their coursework. AMVC Colfax, a 5,000 head sow farm in Colfax, is the local AMVC farm and is 10 miles from the high school. AMVC Management Services manages 135,500 sows across eight states.


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