AMVC Employees Recognized for Career Milestones

Nancy Diaz accepts plaque

posted on Friday, January 15, 2021 in East Region News

Crawfordsville, IN – AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company, recently recognized employees who have achieved a career milestone with the company. Among the recipients were Crawfordsville residents Nancy Diaz and Edgardo Vasquez, who celebrated their tenth work anniversary with the company. Each awardee received a plaque and a personalized jacket for the honor.

Diaz is a swine specialist at AMVC Crawfordsville, a sow farm located outside of town, and works in the farrowing department within the farm. She is responsible for completing daily chores and caring for sows as they give birth and their piglets. When she started with AMVC a decade ago, her goal was to learn as much as she could about raising pigs. Today, she is a valuable team member and is knowledgeable about the animals and on-farm tasks.

“Nancy is a committed animal caretaker. She provides the best care for the pigs on our farm. We appreciate her dedication over the last 10 years and congratulate her on this milestone,” said AMVC Crawfordsville sow farm manager, Mickey Parks.

Vasquez was recommended to AMVC by a friend and began his career as a herdsman at Infinity Pork, a sow farm near Clarks Hill. Vasquez has grown into an on-farm leader over the years. Today, he is the farm’s breeding department team lead where he is responsible for managing the employees who care for gestating sows throughout their pregnancy.

“Edgardo is dedicated to the livestock and people he manages. It’s been great to see him grow and develop into his leadership role on the farm,” said Juan Espinoza, AMVC sow farm manager at Infinity Pork.

AMVC is proud to employ talented and dedicated employees who exemplify the AMVC motto of doing the right thing every day.

Above image: Nancy Diaz (left) accepts plaque in honor of her work anniversary from farm manager, Mickey Parks (right).

Edgardo Vasquez

Edgardo Vasquez (left) is presented his plaque from his farm manager, Juan Espinoza (right).


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