What we learned in 2018

posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 in Central Region News

1. The unexpected can happen
During the very early morning of May 2, 2018, a thunderstorm rolled through southern Iowa and a lightning strike lit our barn on fire. It was a sad and difficult day; pigs were lost in the fire. Our farrowing barn and a gestation barn destroyed. However, amongst an unfortunate event, we found the good. None of our employees were injured. Our staff went the extra mile and exemplified great resilience. The local fire departments were outstanding. Within seven months, the barns were rebuilt, and piglets were born in the new farrowing barn.

Amvc team

2. Growth is good.
We have grown, and we are excited about what 2019 will bring. We added seven farms into our management system last year and are currently overseeing 135,500 sows and employing over 525 animal caretakers. Our swine management presence expands across ten states, as Illinois and Missouri were added. You may wonder, how did we get to this point. The one-word answer is relationships. We are constantly expanding our network and finding opportunities that fit our management model. We would not be experiencing this growth without our hard-working employees. We are so proud of the AMVC team.

AMVC management presence

3. Celebrate the victories.

Two and a half decades have passed since we started managing pigs. 2018 was our 25th anniversary of swine management. In 1993, the Audubon vets were the animal experts of the time in the Audubon community and helped local producers raise pigs. All year, we celebrated this accomplishment of Makin’ Bacon since ’93 with our employees.

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