Tunender recoginzed for career milestone with AMVC

Tunender, Joe

posted on Thursday, April 25, 2019 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services, a diversified swine management company, recently recognized employees who achieved a career milestone with the company. Among the recipients was Joseph Tunender (right) of Harlan, who recently celebrated his twentieth work anniversary with AMVC.

Tunender started his career with AMVC in 1999 in Harlan as a swine specialist at a sow farm. He became a farrowing lead shortly after, and by 2001 he accepted the position of sow farm manager at Southwest Pork. He was the farm’s manager for the next 17 years. Recently, in late 2018, Tunender took on a new challenge and took his experience and skills to Newell Pig II in Brayton, where he is the farm’s manager. He is responsible for providing daily leadership and direction to a team of 21 employees, as well as, overseeing and monitoring the care and production of 6,250 sows.

“Joe has over 18 years of farm management experience and has demonstrated his on-farm expertise throughout the years and continues to do a great job of managing and running a successful sow farm. He’s a talented leader who takes pride in learning the strengths of his employees and developing his team,” commented AMVC production manager, Dan Weber.

Tunender and his wife, Jill, along with their two daughters, Hannah and Ashley, reside in Harlan.

AMVC is proud to have talented and dedicated employees who take pride in their work, as well as embody the company mission of feeding a growing population.

AMVC, based out of Audubon, Iowa, employs over 600 employees and manages 135,500 sows across eight states.


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