Riesgaard named Iowa Master Pork Partner

Craig Riesgaard Iowa Pork

posted on Monday, February 11, 2019 in Central Region News

At the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress, the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) introduced the 2018 class of Master Pork Partners. Among the three chosen individuals was AMVC grow finish production manager, Craig Riesgaard of Exira.

IPPA created the Master Pork Partner Award in 2014 to recognize pork production company employees who have made positive impacts on pork production systems, even though they don’t have active daily roles at a specific production site, but have demonstrated positive impacts in their production systems and a commitment to the pork industry’s We Care ethical principles.

Riesgaard began working for the Audubon Veterinary Clinic in 1975, preceding the clinic's transition to the Audubon-Manning Veterinary Clinic (AMVC) in 1990, and the conception of AMVC Management Services in 1993. Serving as a veterinary technician, Craig assisted the veterinarians with treating livestock while also completing in-house laboratory work, including culturing.

In 2000, Riesgaard began his role as a grow-finish production manager for AMVC Management Services, where today, he oversees 40 AMVC-managed grow-finish sites, totaling 93,000 hogs. Craig conducts visits to grow-finish sites on both a routine and as-needed basis, completing farm walkthroughs to monitor pig health and ensure that the environmental and nutritional needs of the animals are fully satisfied.

Craig's extensive tenure as a grow-finish production manager has been instrumental in providing support for the success of AMVC. He has played an invaluable role in ensuring the protection of pig health and continues to serve as an exemplary member of the pork industry.

Nick Smith, AMVC partner and Director of Grow Finish commented, “Craig is a living example of the pork industry's high regard for animal welfare and has demonstrated his commitment to employing responsible production practices.”

The Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa State University Extension co-sponsor the Master Pork Program to demonstrate the character and breadth of Iowa pork production.


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