Kingsley-Pierson High School students celebrate Pork Month

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posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 in Central Region News

Kingsley Pierson High School students enrolled in an agriculture classes had a guest presenter last week to complement their agriculture interests.

It was a great opportunity for the Kingsley-Pierson agriculture program to collaborate with AMVC Management Services, a local swine management company, to give their students an in-depth exposure to the modern swine industry. Alicia Humphrey, public relations coordinator at AMVC and a trained Operation Main Street speaker with National Pork Board, spoke to three classes about animal care, nutrition, animal health and career opportunities.

It was also an ideal time to come into the classroom, as October is National Pork Month. In the past, October was the time hogs were traditionally marketed, while today it is an opportunity for those involved in the swine industry to connect with those who do not have a background in pig farming.

Molli Griffin, agriculture instructor at Kingsley-Pierson, was excited to bring in a local guest speaker to dig deeper into their course subject. The animal science class is about to begin their animal behavior unit, so the presentation provided some base knowledge for those students moving forward.

“I learned about the life cycle of pigs from birth until marketing. I also learned the different parts of the pig and where cuts of meat come from,” commented Kingsley-Pierson High School junior, Brooke Harvey, after hearing the presentation.

Griffin was appreciative of Humphrey’s presentation as guest speakers are an important part in her classroom and ag education.

“Information means more to my students when it comes from someone that actually works in the industry,” said Griffin.

AMVC is proud to be a resource to local students. AMVC Management Services is headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, and manages 135,500 sows across ten states. AMVC manages Kingsley Sow, a breed to wean sow farm, located ten minutes from the high school.


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