Harlan students have swine guest speaker

Harlan students learn from AMVC in Iowa

posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 in Central Region News

Two classes of eighth grade agriculture students at Harlan Community School had a guest speaker from AMVC Management Services, the tenth largest pork producer in the United States, to complement their swine unit coursework. It was the ideal time for a swine management company to come into the classroom, as October is National Pork Month.

Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator, is a trained Operation Main Street presenter with the National Pork Board and educated students about the modern swine industry. The interactive presentation focused on the global demand for pork and how pig farmers are raising healthy pigs’ sustainably, as well as, showcased careers that are supported by the swine industry.

Mrs. Justine McCall, agriculture instructor at Harlan Community Schools, was excited to host AMVC in her classroom to enhance the students’ course. Her eighth graders had been learning about swine as well as completed a unit on myths of modern agriculture.

Throughout the class period the students interacted by asking and answering questions throughout Humphrey’s presentation.

After the presentation, eighth grade student, Lance Obrecht, commented, “I learned there are heating pads in the farrowing rooms for the piglets.” Fellow student, Jason Croghan, added, “I learned swine farmers have saved energy and water. They care a lot about their pigs and make sure they are comfortable.”

Guest speakers bring a new perspective for the students, so McCall welcomes them into her classroom.

“It’s fun to interact with the next generation and share the story of pig farmers. Most students don’t come from a swine farm, so I am able to provide educational content and perspective about farms in their area,” commented Humphrey.

AMVC is proud to be part of the community and be an educational resource for area students. AMVC manages 149,500 sows across ten states and manages three sow farms in the Harlan area.


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