Creston ag students learn about pig farming

posted on Thursday, December 15, 2016 in Central Region News

AMVC recently visited students at Creston High School to share the story of pig farming. Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator, is a trained Operation Main Street presenter with the National Pork Board and educated agricultural students in Mrs. Kelsey Bailey's classes. The presentation's focus was on modern pig farming and what producers are doing to help meet the global demand for food. Humphrey also covered topics ranging from animal housing and care to health and nutrition.

Bailey appreciated hosting a guest speaker to enhance her curriculum. She commented that the presentation had an impact on her students as they learned about the reality of the world's limited space for food production and the challenge of meeting the future demand for food. She added that her students were surprised by the swine industry's advancements and efficiency as well as the improvements in pork quality over the years.  

Throughout the class period the students interacted by asking and answering questions.

Megan Haley, sophomore, said, "I was mostly shocked about the statistics of food production by the year 2050. I was fascinated throughout the entire presentation."

Humphrey was excited to speak with such bright students in the community and shed light on the opportunities within the swine field.

"I learned about all of the different jobs that are available in the swine industry. There are tons of opportunities that I knew were there, but never really considered," commented Clarissa Hoffman, sophomore. 

AMVC enjoys being a resource for local students and educating them about the swine industry. Taurus Sow, a 4,200 head sow farm in Lenox, is the local AMVC farm and is 11 miles from the high school. AMVC Management Services manages 115,000 sows across seven states.


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