Audubon's AMVC is the 10TH Largest Pork Producer in the U.S.

AMVC 10th Largest Pork Producer

posted on Monday, September 27, 2021 in Central Region News

AMVC, LLC, is a multifaceted business enterprise: a large and small animal Western Iowa veterinary practice with multiple locations and a respected swine management services company. In fact, AMVC, headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, is the 10th largest pork producer in the United States. AMVC has over 700 employees and 23 veterinarians on staff as well as a swine management presence in ten states, overseeing 150,000 sows and 1.6 million market hogs. AMVC manages 42 sow farms that range in size from 1,200 to 10,000 sows providing veterinary support, nutritional counseling, results management, employee solutions, and marketing options.

“Our model is reasonably unique,” said Jason Hocker, a veterinarian at AMVC Management Services and Managing Partner of Strategic Accounts. “We have three mixed-animal veterinary practices in Iowa — Audubon, Templeton, Manning. In terms of our management business, there are other groups in the Midwest that have similar management/veterinary services for swine clientele. Our management services provide complete swine herd production management, employee management, herd health management, environmental management, genetic improvement management and financial management. Our clients range from independent family farms to farm cooperatives to integrated production systems.”

AMVC leadership realizes the pork industry is dynamic, and they strive to develop a workforce that can rise to the challenges by focusing on current employees as well as the next generation of future employees. In Summer 2021, five AMVC employees graduated from AMVC’s elite year-long Leadership Development Program. The carefully selected participants received hands-on training, participated in learning sessions, and took part in discussions with other farms and program participants.

“From an employment standpoint, there are always opportunities and room for advancement for those employees who are willing to learn additional skills,” said Hocker. “At AMVC we are focused on a team philosophy. We recognize the importance of the team concept in successful organizations and strive to instill and grow that philosophy across the company.”

“We are a major employer in Audubon County and we are thankful for a community and workforce that helps support our mission of doing the right thing every day. Our employees understand the important roles they play in providing food, fiber, fuel, and pharmaceutical products on a national and international level. Working with animals is not an easy task and our employees do a tremendous job of ensuring the animals charged with our care and services are receiving the best possible care.”

With an eye to the future, AMVC is also involved with internships programs. For the past three summers, AMVC’s swine nutritionist has hosted a swine nutrition intern. AMVC is also proud to employ part-time high school students. This year they presented 12 scholarships to their student employees who graduated.

Turning their sights on the next generation, the AMVC Management Services public relations team visited the Audubon Launch Kids Club to talk about pig farming and pork products with 30 children. The Kids Club program hosts activities for students from kindergarten to fourth grade throughout the summer.

AMVC also gives back to the community by contributing annually to the Audubon County Economic Development Housing Fund. “AMVC has always had a community-centric focus,” said Hocker. “The housing fund is a way that we can help ensure our headquarters community of Audubon is able to continually improve. We recognize that the aesthetics of a community are important for attracting and retaining talented employees. We are proud to partner with our two local banks, Audubon State Bank and Landmands, in the housing project and we know this has had a positive impact on the community.”

“In addition to the housing program, we have a nonprofit organization called AMVC Cares. AMVC Cares mission is to improve the local community aesthetics. Most recently AMVC Cares purchased the Yes Way gas station on Highway 71. This abandoned gas station will be demolished leaving a prime commercial property for development along the Hwy 71 corridor. Audubon Economic Development Corporation was able to purchase an adjacent property giving even more appeal to the future site. This is another example of how the community continues to work together to improve.”

In addition to their locations in Iowa, AMVC businesses provide swine management services in 10 states, veterinary consulting services in 10 states, and agriculture construction and equipment remodel services across 14 states throughout the Midwest.

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