Audubon Launch Kids Club learns about pork

posted on Friday, August 13, 2021 in Central Region News

Audubon, IA - On Thursday, August 12, the AMVC Management Services public relations team visited the Audubon Launch Kids Club to talk about pig farming and pork products. The summer program hosts activities for students from kindergarten to fourth grade throughout the summer. Thirty kids participated in the day’s activities with AMVC.

The goal of the swine programming was to help kids connect where their food comes from and learn about the different pork products they eat. The educational activities began with a non-fiction book about how pigs are raised on a modern-day pig farm. The book shared the story of a family who raises pigs and explained the environmental responsibilities and animal care practices farmers use. The students’ biggest take-a-way was learning pigs are raised indoors to protect them from disease and outdoor elements.

Students also reviewed different cuts of pork by seeing a picture of each cut and guessing the name of each one. After an interactive discussion about pork cuts and their favorite pork dishes, students made paper plate “pizza” with their favorite pork toppings. They used glue and paper pieces cut like sausage, bacon, Candian bacon, and pepperoni to create their pizza

The students were very knowledgeable about pork and were able to identify the major meat cuts. While most of the kids present had seen a live pig in person, only about half the students had ever been on a pig farm.

“As a leader in livestock production, one of our goals is to help consumers of all ages make the connection about where their food comes from,” commented Alicia Humphrey, AMVC Public Relations Director.

“It’s encouraging to see young students already knowledgeable about pork products, and we hope to continue to help consumers feel confident in how their food is produced.”

AMVC is proud to participate and support community programs to help educate the next generation.

Launch Kids create pork paper plate pizzasLaunch Kids make paper plate pizzas

Audubon Launch Kids Club students make paper plate pizza using their favorite pork toppings. 


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