April Volunteer Month feature: Rose Theater

Rose Theater

posted on Monday, April 20, 2020 in Central Region News

Dr. Josh Ellingson and Virginia Mennenoh are AMVC Management Services employees and are avid volunteers with the community run, Rose Theater. 

The Rose Theater is a non-profit, that is open on the weekends and provides the community members of all ages with an affordable entertainment option. 

Both Ellingson and Mennenoh have been involved with the Rose Theater since its inception in 2015 and have served on the board previously and are volunteer team leaders. 

"It is so great to see them come to watch movies and see how much they enjoy our wonderful theater. My favorite part of the Rose Theater is when we can do special events for the school, Friendship Home or any group that wants to do something special," said Mennenoh, Rose Theater Volunteer Coordinator. 

Ellingson credits volunteers in bringing this recreational activity to the community as volunteers have been critical in the acquisition, remodeling, and successful operation of the theater.  Without a doubt, they’ve been critical to it’s success.

The Rose Theater is committed to keeping admission prices and concessions as affordable as possible, which would not be possible if they did not have so many volunteers willing to help at the Rose Theater. 

Mennenoh shared that a father recently told her that he has not been able to take his family of 7 to a movie in years. She is grateful to be able to provide families with this affordable option and feels it is a great thing for Audubon and surrounding communities.


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