AMVC Teams Up with MATURA

posted on Monday, July 20, 2015 in Central Region News

Pork – It’s what’s for dinner tonight for local families.

MATURA, in Union and Ringgold counties, and AMVC have teamed up to support families in need, as both organizations see the need to support Iowa communities and providing nutritious pork is one way to help.

AMVC, a full service management, employee, veterinary, and nutritional company, produces nearly 450,000 market hogs every year. AMVC not only helps swine producers maintain high animal welfare standards, but also offers veterinary expertise, nutritional assistance, and employee management. With swine facilities located all over the state of Iowa and throughout the United States, their ability to have an impact on local communities is endless. They recognize the need to support local communities and those in need; a great way for AMVC to contribute is through the donation of pork. With two of AMVC’s facilities located near Mt. Ayr and Creston, Iowa, the decision to donate in that area was an easy one. Dan Weber, the manager at the Mt. Ayr and Creston locations, said, “It is rewarding to work for a company that gives back to our communities.” AMVC’s contribution on April 10th, 2013, was a processed hog packaged into ground pork for Ringgold and Union Counties MATURA facilities. Ground pork can be used as a substitute for everything you would use hamburger, such as: hamburger helper, tacos, meatballs, etc. AMVC hopes to be able to donate more in the future, especially in times of need when MATURA’s supply of meat is at its lowest.

MATURA Action Corporation is one of the eighteen community action agencies that collectively serve all 99 counties of Iowa. MATURA uses federal, state, county, and local funds, along with donations to provide programs and services that strive to eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty. MATURA’s mission is to improve the lives of families and individuals in the community, assisting in achieving self-sufficiency, the strengthening of families, and improving quality of life. Through dedication and teamwork, along with an Advisory Boards and staff volunteers, MATURA Action Corporation is committed to step up to the daily challenges to strengthen not only individuals and families, but the community at large. They offer 16 programs and services to the region’s low-income children, families, and individuals. These programs include: Head Start, maternal program, WIC (Women, Infant, and Children Program), jobs programs, and so much more. At each donation center, they expressed gratitude for the donations. If you are interested in donating, especially in summer time, when the need is at its highest, please contact MATURA.

To learn more about AMVC or to explore employment opportunities in the Mt. Ayr and Creston areas please visit their website at or visit them on Facebook “AMVC”. For more information on MATURA and their different programs please visit their website,