AMVC participates in IPPA Pork to Plate Adventure

Iowa pork and AMVC adventure farm chat

posted on Monday, November 18, 2019 in Central Region News

The Iowa Pork Producers Association hosts the ultimate pork industry experience for high school students in October.  The activities over two days include a commercial pig farm tour, a fabrication demonstration, a look into careers in the pork industry, a hands-on pork cookery class, and much more! 60 students from across Iowa were in attendance.

AMVC provided the tour of the commercial sow farm by connecting with the students for a FarmChat. With the use of Zoom, Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator, and Amanda Winslow, Taurus Sow manager, gave the students a tour of a farrowing room. They discussed piglet care, technology, nutrition and housing. 

After the tour, Humphrey and Winslow took questions from the group. For half of the students, this was there first glimpse inside a modern sow farm.


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