AMVC is resource for SWCC students in Creston

AMVC teaches SWCC ag students in Iowa

posted on Friday, April 12, 2019 in Central Region News

AMVC has been a guest lecturer for the Southwestern Community College agriculture students for the past four years in the breeding and genetics class. This year, the students were unable to make the trip to our local sow farm outside of Creston, so Alicia Humphrey, AMVC public relations coordinator, gave an inactive presentation with videos. She covered a variety of swine artificial insemination topics including detection of standing heat, proper AI technique, the advantages AI and the importance of collecting data on a sow farm. The students also looked at some of the materials needed to breed a sow including a breeding catheter and semen bag. The students analyzed sow cards and studied the particular sow's past production performance.

The students have been studying artificial insemination in a variety of small and large animals. 


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