AMVC growers receive swine production awards

posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services recently recognized growers for their success in raising pigs at the AMVC Annual Growers Meeting held on February 19 at the Audubon Recreation Center in Audubon.

This was the inaugural year of highlighting growers’ success at the annual meeting with a plaque presentation. Awards were given to producers in three categories 100,000 pigs raised, 200,000 pigs raised, and 100 million meals of pork produced for AMVC.

The AMVC growers were recognized in the 100,000 pigs produced category:
Lyle Riblet of Somers, IA
Brad Lundell of Kiron, IA
Brent and Janice Gehling of Manning, IA
Allan Schmidt of Holstein, IA
Kory Koenig of Arion, IA
Dillon Schwanz of Wall Lake, IA
Paup Family of Churdan, IA
Cranston Family Farms of Odebolt, IA
Bill Danner Jr. of Carroll, IA
Nathan and Cory Doerder of Boone, IA
Aaron and Alyce Nieland of Breda, IA
Drey Family of Schaller, IA
Brandon King of Boone, IA
David Jensen of Audubon, IA

Growers who have raised over 200,000 pigs:
Mark Fertig of Odebolt, IA
Cale and Conner Juergensen of Churdan, IA

100 million (8 oz.) servings of pork produced:
Conner and Cale Juergensen of Churdan, IA

The majority of award winners care for piglets from three weeks of age until the pigs reach market weight. Each finishing barn is filled twice a year with weaned pigs.

AMVC is proud to work with these outstanding contract growers and appreciate the care and dedication they show to the animals placed under their care

“Our growers’ attention to detail and animal husbandry skills are truly an asset. It’s great to see them continue to succeed over the years. These honors were definitely achieved through hard work,” commented Dr. Josh Ellingson, AMVC Director of Grow-Finish.

AMVC Management Services, a swine management company, based in Audubon, Iowa, is the tenth largest pork producer in the United States.


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