AMVC Growers receive production awards

AMVC Growers Accept Awards

posted on Wednesday, February 23, 2022 in Central Region News

Six pig producers were recognized for reaching production milestones at AMVC Management Services’ Annual Grower Meeting on Feb. 16 at the Audubon Recreation Center in Audubon, IA.

The annual grower awards program is in its third year and includes three categories: 100,000+ pigs raised, 200,000+ pigs raised, and 100 million servings of pork raised.

The 2022 award recipients are:

  • 100,000+ pigs raised: Brandt Ferry of Kirkman, IA; Neil Muhlbauer of Manning, IA; Lynn Phillips of Manning, IA; Jason Wiebers of Schleswig, IA.
  • 200,000+ pigs raised: Brad Lundell of Kiron, IA
  • 100 million servings of pork produced: Mark Fertig of Odebolt, IA

Most contract growers care for pigs from about three weeks of age until they reach market weight. They maintain a clean and comfortable living environment for the pigs and oversee their daily care.

“We recognize the value our contract growers bring to our system with their attention to detail and animal husbandry skills,” commented Dr. Josh Ellingson, AMVC Director of Grow-Finish. “A lot of hard work and dedication goes into raising pigs, and these awards recognize producers who are committed to helping supply consumers with quality pork.”

Congratulations to all the 2022 AMVC Grower Award recipients!

Pictured above from left to right: Brad Lundell, Neil Muhlbauer, and Jason Wiebers.


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