AMVC Grower named Iowa Master Pork Producer

Master Pork Producer

posted on Monday, January 29, 2018 in Central Region News

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has tabbed a Sac County couple as recipients of the 2017 Master Pork Producer Award.

Aaron and Alyce Nieland of Breda received the coveted brass belt buckle, emblematic of the award, at the Iowa Pork Congress Banquet in Des Moines held Wednesday, January 24. The honor included a brief multi-media presentation of the Nieland's pork operation.

The Nielands own and operate a diversified farm that consists of finishing and marketing 20,000 pigs annually and farming nearly 400 acres of corn and soybeans.

Aaron and Alyce both grew up with livestock and built their first hog barn in 2012 after they were married. The couple has since grown their operation to four finishing barns.

As contract growers for Audubon-Manning Vet Clinic, the Nielands receive weaned pigs from Ohio, Colorado and North Dakota and are responsible for day-to-day animal care, ordering feed and marketing pigs. The Nielands take pride in raising pigs under great care for AMVC.

"Their passion for raising piglets can be seen by how they care for the animals and how well their barns are cleaned and maintained," said Nick Smith, AMVC Director of Grow Finish

The Nielands stay very busy in their church and community. They are members of the Sac County Pork Producers and volunteer with the Breda Little League and for the Iowa Farm Bureau. Alyce, who has an animal science and agronomy degree from Iowa State University, runs a social media page called Pigs and Kids where she actively shares what is happening on their farm and promotes the swine industry in a positive light.

Aaron and Alyce have three young children.

Nominated by their neighbors and peers, Master Pork Producers are recognized for their innovation, attention to quality, efficiency and production records within their farm enterprise. They are considered industry leaders who are committed to producing the highest quality pork products. Their operations are environmentally sound, they care about the livestock, are good neighbors and active in their community.

IPPA and Iowa State University have carefully selected Master Pork Producers every year since 1942.

**Press release credit to Iowa Pork Producers Association


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