AMVC Grower is IPPA Master Pork Producer

Brian Lundell Master Pork Producer

posted on Thursday, February 7, 2019 in Central Region News

At the 2019 Iowa Pork Congress, the Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) introduced the 2018 class of Master Pork Producers.

A Master Pork Producer award denotes an individual’s or family’s excellence in pork production, as measured by their pork production statistics, their commitment to We Care® principles, and their contribution to their community. There are six We Care principles that outline a pig farmer’s responsibilities to uphold high standards for animal care, food production, the environment, people, and community involvement.

Among the nine pig farmers selected for IPPA’s 77th class of Master Pork Producers was Brian Lundell of Odebolt, Iowa.

"He has been an AMVC contract grower for the past six years and cares for two-2400 head wean-to-finish barns, where he markets 9,600 pigs per year. As a contract grower, Brian receives 12-pound weaned pigs from a sow farm within the AMVC system to fill his barns. He is responsible for the labor and care required to raise healthy pigs and ensure a safe product is headed to market.

Every day, Brian makes sure his pigs have adequate feed and water. He makes daily observations as he walks through his barns and immediately takes care of any pigs he has identified as sick. In addition, he is responsible for sorting opportunity piglets, administering vaccinations, monitoring air quality and barn temperature, completing feed inventory, spot treating piglets individually, adjusting feeders and loading out market hogs. After each barn turn, he power washes and disinfects his barn before the new load of pigs arrive to his farm.

He is very detail orientated and organized, which helps him be an exceptional grower in the AMVC production system. He does a great job raising the pigs placed under his care,” commented Nick Smith, AMVC partner and Director of Grow Finish.

IPPA started the Master Pork Producer Award program in 1942 and has now named 1,484 Iowa pig farmers as Master Pork Producers.

The Iowa Pork Producers Association and Iowa State University Extension co-sponsor the Master Pork Producer program to demonstrate the character and breadth of Iowa pork production.


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