AMVC congratulates Leadership Development Program Graduates

Leadership Development Program Graduates

posted on Friday, December 15, 2017 in Central Region News

AMVC Management Services recently graduated six employees from their Leadership Development Program.

AMVC’s Leadership Development Program (LDP) was created in 2015 to develop the next generation of leaders and to give employees a program to propel their career within AMVC. These individuals were selected to be in the program based on their drive to be in a management position within the company.

The graduating class came into the program with a range of swine experience. Some individuals bought over ten years of swine experience with AMVC, while others began their journey with AMVC at the start of their program. The class included individuals from different AMVC managed sow farms.

“I found it beneficial to be able to be in a group setting and learn from everyone's experiences,” commented Kyle Lauridsen, recent LDP graduate.

Bimonthly these employees attended two day sessions in Audubon to gain soft and technical skills. Time was spent in the classroom and on-farm with company experts to allow for in-depth discussions and explanations.

After completing the program, Jordan Jensen of Audubon commented, “After taking the LDP classes, my knowledge in the swine industry has grown even greater. I feel it was beneficial for me to expand my leadership skills, as it is my goal to become a manger in the future.”

Over the course of the last year and a half, these employees participated in a variety of activities to understand all facets of pig farming to better prepare the LDP participants for their future roles.

“We are proud of the leaders these individuals have developed into. They have the passion, knowledge and leadership skills to effectively be in a management position within our company. We’ve watched them grow throughout the program and are excited to see what the future holds for them,” said Nick Weihs, Director of Leadership Development.

This is AMVC’s second class to graduate. The next LDP class of twelve individuals will be graduating in June 2018. AMVC Management Services is headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, and manages 117,500 sows across seven states.


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