AMVC Cares purchases Audubon property

posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 in Central Region News

AMVC Cares recently purchased the old Yesway gas station in Audubon. The station has been empty for more than a year with little likelihood it would ever be a gas or service station again. AMVC has worked along with Audubon County Economic Development which recently purchased another deteriorating building, the former Can Redemption Center located immediately south of the AMVC Cares property which is also scheduled to be torn down. With demolition on both properties, there will be a large area of highway frontage available for future development and it will greatly enhance the aesthetics for those traveling through on the highway.

AMVC Cares purchases old gas station
This property will be torn down for future development opportunities along Hwy 71 in Audubon.

AMVC continues to be proud to be involved in and support our local communities.

AMVC Cares is a non-profit entity created for the purpose of community improvement and to improve the quality of life for the community and visitors. This is achieved through the acquisition and enhancements of properties that negatively affect the aesthetics of the community and thus impact the enjoyment of the community members and visitors. Previous projects have included marking a park from a former scrap iron salvage yard and demolishing a dilapidated sow facility and turning the ground back into productive farm land.