AMVC brings piglets to visit Audubon and Exira children

library piglet

posted on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 in Central Region News

On Monday, the Exira Public Library and Audubon Launch Kids Club were visited by three young piglets as part of an educational opportunity facilitated by AMVC Management Services.

The piglets began their day by visiting the Exira Public Library, where over 100 kids from the community came out for story time and a chance to see a real live piglet. Upon their arrival, anticipation filled the room as the kids waited anxiously for their turn to hold the piglets, provided by an AMVC sow farm.

The piglet event attracted the largest group of attendees to the library this summer, commented children’s librarian Katie Wheeler.

After the mid-morning library visit, the piglets were then taken to Audubon Elementary School to visit with over 50 kids from the Audubon Launch Kids Club summer program, comprised of students from kindergarten through fourth grade.

Alicia Humphrey, AMVC’s public relations coordinator, read a story to each group about how pork producers care for their pigs. The kids were provided knowledge of modern pig farming practices related to health, animal care and nutrition.

“It is always exciting to see kids’ enthusiasm for pigs and curiosity to learn more about modern pork production practices,” said Humphrey. “It was surprising and encouraging to witness the large turnout for each of the events that served as an opportunity for kids to learn more about the swine industry.”

Following each event, the kids were treated with pig-themed prizes and educational materials provided by the Iowa Pork Producers Association.

The piglets were donated to the Adair County Farm Bureau where they will be used as part of the organization’s Ag Adventure program.


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