AMVC brings piglets to the classroom

posted on Monday, May 22, 2017 in Central Region News

Not much can compete with recess when it comes to students’ favorite part of the school day, but the appearance of three piglets to the Lenox High School agricultural classroom did. Several elementary classes were invited to visit Christina Williamson’s classroom to hear Alicia Humphrey, public relations coordinator at AMVC Management Services, speak about modern pig farming and get a hands-on experience with piglets.

“Many students are familiar with agriculture, but they don't really get the up close experience they were able to receive with the piglets. My high school students were able to see how excited elementary students get about our industry and made them want to interact with the elementary students more,” commented Williamson.

It was a team effort to bring this activity to the classroom, as the high school agricultural students helped the younger students handle the animals.  

Humphrey covered a range of topics with the students including animal housing, care and nutrition. She brought in different swine feed samples for the students to see and feel. The Iowa Pork Association contributed paper pig ears for all of the students to wear, as well as books, bookmarks and pig erasers. 

“It was a rewarding afternoon, as the students asked great questions and thought my presentation was more fun than recess. It is great to see young students excited about the swine industry,” said Humphrey.

Taurus Sow, the local AMVC sow farm, is located 12 miles from the school. AMVC enjoys giving back to the community and being a resource for local students.
“My students love being able to learn about what people are actually doing and how what they are learning in the classroom can be applied to real life. Without the community support we would not be able to have our program and our students would not be able to be familiar with agriculture education, added Williamson. 

AMVC Management Services is headquartered in Audubon, Iowa, and manages 115,000 sows across seven states.